Where kiosks come from.

Our team delivers freshest kiosk designs to shopping centres world wide and internationally.
Your kiosk is made here

A skill person, a creative idea, a pair of magic hands, make the materials to an artwork.

It's in this environment, that's freshest kiosk are being designed, drawn, manufacture and delivered to all over the world.

Your kiosk are made by us

We're the character that you will be working with. Our interest is in innovative kiosks-will built, new wave kiosks that represent your brand and sell your product.

Our inspiration is drown from our pasts, our interest, what we have travelled to find and what we see in your brand and products.

  • With our meticulous design and brand focused approach, we recognise that every client is different and there for design is unique. Our goal is to create kiosks that stand out and draw potential clients by using our visual impact as a tool.

  • At SIOR we work closely with relevant parties such as brand managers,leasing managers, shopping centre management and manufacturers ensuring all guidelines are met to deliver a timely final product.

  • We believe that finding the balance between design form and function within the given budget is the key to success. Our design studio offers our client a complete process, including design, manufacture, logistics and installation.