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For this project, the location was already confirmed when we were approached by the client. This allowed us to very quickly apply the chosen retail identity to the specifications of the space.
It was an 8m x 5m space, located on the ground floor womens department. As is the nature with many builds in deparment stores, there are a huge amount of pre-existing regulations with which we must comply. 
Further to Selfridges regulations, we also had to consider Council regulations, obtaining a special treatment license for the space, which included the addition of running water.Even the ramping around the site had to be at a precise angle. Despite FaceGym being a six week pop-up, the quality of   the final build was to be of permanent site quality. This would allow for the site to be reused in another location, as well as maintaining the luxury standard.
The space was built around an integral support pillar; we included this into the design by creating curved seating and a notice board wrapping around.
The pillaring had to be a specific height, which affected our choices in making the treatments private.