In: Pharmacy design, Retail + Interiors, Fitting-Out

Farmacia 3.0 Paini proposes different and specific itineraries for adults, elderlies and kids, itineraries people can choose and that are simultaneously in progress: a nutritional bar offering personalised dietary advices and a wide variety of healthy and organic foods, a book sharing corner where associated events are organised and where we can find a reading and sharing lounge.
In addition, it is possible to find a beauty bar dedicated to well being advices, a consulting and formation area, a baby-care zone and a breastfeeding space.
The format, that distinguishes Farmacia 3.0 Paini, is characterised by an “open” layout, in which customers can be protagonists, can interact, share, learn and consult. The essential lines, natural materials, comfortable illumination and restful aromas and sounds spreading, exclusively created by AMlab for 3.0 concept, offer an unique and sensorial experience.